How we work

If you read this, then you are very close to the moment you decide to visit us!

Before you spend more of your time it is better to know:

We produce furniture:

• Ready models developed by us;

• Custom-designed according to your requirements and comply with the dimensions and realities of the room;

• As subcontractors to retailers.

It is never too early to visit us!

To save your money and time, we ask you to bring the home plan of your house,  to capture the size of the premises / no need absolute precision, these are dimensions of a project and not for manufacture /. Our specialist will take measure in the order.

The project for the furniture we produce, and make it ready when it is discussed with you, corrected if it is necessary, approved by you and the materials are selected for implementation with the help of our consultant at every stage. This service -  you as being our customers receive at no extra charge.

For your convenience we offer:

• Mattresses.

• Built-in appliances.

• Sinks and taps.

• Electric  and plumbing installation by our specialists for an additional charge.

Our partners:

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